The Inertia Belt: Planet Power

It even sounds like a thing: ‘The Inertia Belt’. 

Right now, it’s just an idea. I’m no scientist; I have no idea if it would work … but based on what already happens, I reckon there’s a sniff of possibility and here’s why:

Apparently ‘…ocean tides result from the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon on the oceans of the earth…’, in a relentless cycle of displacing huge volumes of seawater every time. Meanwhile, the quest for clean energy continues, and the best device to harvest energy from the constantly moving oceans is … um… a few wind-driven turbines — is that really the best option science can think of?

So: earth spins, sun and moon gravity pulls … I wonder: if you turned the earth into a massive alternator by building a dynamo round the equator – perhaps on fancy magnetic rails, would that work?

Could that generate adequate clean energy? Or would the universe tear apart first under the weight of all the pointless taxes the world’s governments would impose?

Any science or physics buffs out there care to speculate?

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